Numbers of property sales in Italy

If 2020 was a year full of uncertainties but also of daydreams, 2022 is a year full of promises of new beginnings for all of us.

For many buyers from abroad, the Italian dream of a new quality of life has become a priority. In fact it has recorded an incredible wave of requests from all over the world for properties for sale in Italy not only in 2021, but especially in the arly months of 2022. Real estate agencies have also confirmed that they are now selling more properties to international house hunters in Italy than ever before, even in cases where the buyer cannot travel to the bel paese to see the houses with their own eyes. This is now possible thanks to virtual tours or power of attorney, to name but a few tools that help in these difficult times.

In the period between 2021/2022, the real estate market in Italy has seen new ideas to meet the changing demands of buyers, fluctuating prices and lower demand. With regard to the prices of certain types of real estate in Italy, the prices of flats have on average increased more (+2.6%) than houses (-0.1%), although the situation varies greatly depending on the geographical area. This is according to a report which analysed the market for these two types of property and monitored price changes from January 2021 to January 2022. Let's look at the price changes for houses and flats for sale in Italy.

During December 2021, the asking price for properties for sale in the Marche was highest in Pesaro Urbino, at € 1,735 per square metre. In contrast, the price was lowest in the province of Fermo, with an average of €1,320 per square metre.

In the same month, the asking price for rental properties in the Marche was highest in the province of Pesaro Urbino, at €8.26 per square metre, per month. The lowest price, on the other hand, was found in the province of Fermo, with an average of 7.06 euro per square metre per month.

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