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ItalCasa operates in the real estate field for assistance in buying/selling real estate in the regions of Tuscany, Marche, Umbria. The specific sector of ItalCasa concerns farmhouses, agricultural estates, villas and in general prestigious properties set in the magnificent countryside and cities of these regions.
ItalCasa offers its clients all the experience, knowledge and professionalism even after the purchase of the property.

Normally, the agency does not directly perform the restoration work on the sold property but can offer various levels of assistance and management according to the client's needs.
The most important assistance is the advice and guidance that you can always give to your clients.

Learn about the assets ItalCasa offers its clients:

Services ItalCasa

More than a real estate agency...

Help buying property Marche, Tuscany, Umbria, Emilia-Romagna;
Experience, knowledge and professionalism even after the purchase, with varying levels of care and management for the restoration work;
Collaboration with various technical studies and construction companies recommended depending on the type of works to be performed;
We can also accompany you on TOUR ... led to the discovery of our country!

Services ItalCasa

Our experience

Choosing suitable materials, old or new hand-crafted, hand-crafted or even better salvage of original ones cannot be improvised, great sensitivity and experience is required. Each category of work offers one firm better than another. Over all these years, the people who have worked near us have gained the experience, sensitivity and respect for some of the most beautiful and poetic houses, villas, real estate in the world and have become the most talented technicians, masons, carpenters, blacksmiths, decorators, stonemasons, and plumbers!

Services ItalCasa

Purchase property

During and after the purchase of the property, ItalCasa's client will be able to choose from multiple technical firms composed of architects, engineers, or surveyors, and from countless recommended construction firms that will be best suited to the type of restoration and work to be performed. Not always a right firm to perform a restoration of a farmhouse is suitable for building a swimming pool or for the total reconstruction of a building or do an arrangement of a road!

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